Food Pantry / Food Bank

Media Ministry - Broadcasts

When you donate to the food pantry, you help us to keep our shelves stocked with healthy and nutritious food items for individuals and families who are lacking the funds to feed themselves or their families.  Help us to Feed The Hungry.  Donate today!

Your generous giving allows us to carry the Gospel of Hope throughout all the world through radio, TV, internet broadcasting and local media.  Thank you for helping us to lift up others and touch lives.

Missions - Local & International

Education/KOG Bible College & Seminary

Your donation to our Missions Fund helps us to support teams to Africa, Haiti, Philippines and Pakistan to minister the gospel and bring hope to the  masses.

Giving to the Education Fund help us to educate men and women who desire higher education that will enable them to go out into their local community and make a difference.  Your gift helps to cover teachers and staff to better assist students worldwide.

World Crises


Your faithful giving will allow us to assist organizations such as FEMA and relief groups that aid those facing catastrophies such as we have seen in Louisiana, Mississippi, and in Florida.  Every donation given for the World Crises Fund will be used to help those individuals and families to get some basic necessities until they can get back up on their feet.  Give Generously Today!

Your general donation will go to assist in areas where the need is the greatest whether it be for the Food Pantry, Media, Education or assisting an elderly in need.  Thank you for your generosity today in helping us to meet needs.



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For first time setup, you will have to click the link at the site to get your access code which will be sent to your email.  You will then copy the code and paste it into the member access page and click submit.  You will then be able to access all pertinent information pertaining to you and the church.


Member Offerings

Tithe simply means a “tenth.” To tithe is to give 10 percent of your gross income to the Lord. It may seem illogical that giving 10 percent of your income leads to prosperity, but Malachi 3:10-12 explains.

Love Gift

This gift goes towards blessing the Senior Pastor for Pastoral Care, Pastoral Anniversary, and other tokens of appreciation. 

Offerings differ from tithes in that they are free-will gifts to any person or organization. It is a gift beyond your tithe—not instead of your tithe. An offering can be in the form of money, clothes, food or almost anything that God prompts you to give.

In God’s system, this is how you increase. For example, if you want new clothes, pray about it and then consider giving a portion of your clothes as seed.  Be patient and expect your harvest. 

If you want to get out of debt, help someone else in debt. Luke 6:38 says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you...”

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  Become a Financial Partner

Our Services are Available to All Globally! As a result, we have to rely on our Financial Partners to keep our ministry going. Our goal is to strengthen our Pastors and Churches in America, while helping to up build and encourage those abroad.  We cannot do this without you!  The WORLD, especially America needs to get back to serving the one true God - Yahweh.  Why not support our ministry - one who blesses multitudes of pastors and churches regularly!

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                                                               All Gifts and Contributions are Tax Deductible!                            A 501c3 Non Profit Corporation 


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