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Barbara A. Baker

Prophet, Pastor, and Servant Leader 

A Graduate of Kingdom Bible Institute and Seminary

Bachelors of Christian Leadership, Emphasis in Prophetic Ministry.  She received her Master Degree in Christian Leaders, emphasis in Theology, along with an Honorary Doctorate of Christian Leadership, emphasis in Prophetic Ministry from the Global Bible College and Seminary, June 2018.

Licensed and Ordained as an Apostolic Pastor in 2016 and consecrated as Prophet in 2018 through Kingdom of God Fellowship Church, under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Rose White, Apostle & Prophetic Overseer.

Rev. Dr. Baker is a faithful servant, being the Prophetic Leader of the Kingdom of God Fellowship Church.  She is a devoted wife of 40+ years, loving mother to Tonya, Frederick, Kenny, Timothy, and Leon Jr.  She has over 20 grandchildren, seven great grand children of which she continues to mentor and minister life to.

She was called to the ministry over 25 years ago and has served in ministry for the past 40 years.  She is quick to admit she hasn't always done things right, but she has remained connected to the true vine, quickly repenting when she has been wrong.

Dr. Baker is a strong intercessor whose love for family, the sanctity of marriage between and man and a woman, and children moves and compels her to action.    She is not caught up in titles but in the true work of ministry.  Because of that we give her honor in whom honor is due.