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God needs us to reach the world—together

God has given you a voice…something unique, special, powerful…and we want to help you find it. God has called us to reach out to the world using every available voice—and that includes your own.

When you become a Partner with Kingdom of God Fellowship Church and Rose White Ministries, we team up together to help 

you find your voice. No one else can give exactly what you can give to this hurting world. For years, we’ve helped many to find their place and their voices and reach out in their own unique ways—and we’re committed to help you, too.

The mission of this ministry is about all of us, touching people, training leaders and teaching ministry so that we can change lives, one life at a time.

Apostle Dr. Rose M. White Brown, Founder, Senior Overseer/Presiding Prelate


When Apostle Rose discovered the power of walking by faith 40 years ago, she was most definitely not living a life of victory. In fact, she was sick, discouraged and in major debt and financial distress, but as she began to apply the Word of God, she saw her life change. She has seen God work miraculously in every area and she is now committed to training others how to live a life of victory, too.

Now, all of her experience and teachings are available to you.

We will teach you how to apply the Word of God to your own life without compromise—just as Apostle Rose did—so that you can experience your own breakthroughs and victory over fear, debt, sickness and lack. It’s this biblical approach that will change your life forever.

When you stand with us in prayer, and we stand with you, our anointings, our giftings and our mission become one. And every life that’s touched is a life we reached together. Suddenly, your ministry isn’t restricted to just your neighborhood or your personal sphere of influence. It’s expanded to the entire world.

By ourselves, we can do some good…but together we’ll truly make a difference!



1.   We will never ask you for money.

Partnership isn't a marketing strategy or a veiled attempt to raise funds. It's a joining of visions and faith to fuel your life for victory. Period.

2.   We are good stewards of any gift.

As gifts come in, we receive them, bless them and use them to share faith with the world. We even sow 10% of every gift received into other ministries. Your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.

3.   We pray for you every day!

Apostle Rose and the entire KOGFC staff are committed to you. We pray for your prosperity, health and victory each and every day. Without fail.

4.   You will never run out of Word-based teaching.

We have more than 40 years in ministry available for you—and we're not stingy with it. Whether you read our blogs, visit our websites, listen to our conference calls or watch us via live streaming, you'll always find exactly what you need.

5.   Your information will never be shared.

We value your trust, and want you to understand that the information we collect from you is protected. KOGFC or any of its affiliates will not share, rent or sell any of your information.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

"Changing Lives One Life At A Time"

The Church

Kingdom of God Fellowship Church

Are you looking for a place to belong, then become a part of ministry making a difference.

International Ministry

Rose White Ministries

Some will travel local and abroad, while others may not. But all can cover the globe by partnering with us & sending us around the globe with the Good News!

The College

Global Bible College & Seminary

A goal to educate, empower, enlighten and infuse through the power of God's Word. Making a difference by building up leaders with a spirit of excellence.

Yahweh {God} is up to something good!

Let's Make It Happen.

Apostle Rose

YES! I want to partner with Kingdom of God Fellowship Church.

Would you like to become a Partner?*



Partnership Levels

Financial Gifts

Financial Gift Levels


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