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Rev. Dr. Rose M. White

Messianic Pastor, Apostolic Overseer and Spiritual Mother

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has one brother who serves with her in ministry, the mother of one natural born son and several spiritual sons and daughters. She is an author, publisher, visionary, entrepreneur, wife and servant leader.

She holds a Bachelors of Theology, a Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Theology.

She has served in various offices in Christian ministry since 1978. Currently, the Apostolic Overseer and Messianic Pastor of the Kingdom of God Fellowship "A Church Without Walls" (KOGFC), Presiding 

Prelate of the International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries(IFCM), President of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center, Inc., (TRECCI), Founder of J316 Publishing, W.O.R.D., a Fellowship of women lifting up women, Rose White Ministries (the international arm of KOGFC), Wise Business CHOICES, Inc., a success and confidence life coaching institute, and President and Founder of Global Bible College and Seminary (for higher Christian Education). 

The Kingdom of God Fellowship Church, a Messianic Congregation without walls formerly Love in Abundance Church founded November 19, 2009, launched March 16, 2010. Under the new name, KOGFC maintains to be a Church Without Walls through various modes of social media such as (click on JOIN an online meeting and enter KOGFC). Watch or listen live on FB Live, or YouTube. Apostle Rose operates and manages her own internet radio broadcast station and has a weekly Podcast.

Apostle Rose has spoken at several women’s conferences including Women’s Aglow Fellowship (now known as Aglow International) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has traveled both nationally and internationally, living in the Republic of South Africa for two 2 years where she served as a Home Care Pastor in a remote area in the Province of Natal.

She is a publicly ordained pastor, consecrated and affirmed Apostle. Her newest venture is the Success-Confidence Life Coaching Institute, an affiliate of the church and extension of the Global Bible College and Seminary. She offers Enhancement Courses for both the laymen and those preparing for the work of ministry. She has released over ten (10) books since September 2016 with the newer books in 2023, "The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating", "Navigating Mental Health", and "Living Your Best Life After Age 60."  Her book Destiny and Purpose was released Dec. 2017, which launched the "Destiny & Purpose with Evangelist Dolores Brantley" Broadcast aired via and Anchor FM Radio each Sunday morning at 8:00 am Eastern/7 Central. Click HERE to go directly to the broadcast to listen live via freeconferencecall every Sunday morning. Click on the JOIN an online meeting and then enter the Meeting ID - KOGFC.

Her passion is seeing people of all backgrounds saved, healed, delivered and set free from the things which hold them bound and captive to the things of the world. Her calling and mandate is to teach and equip men and women in the work of the ministry, then sending them out to go forth into all the world fulfilling the Great Commission.

Are you called, yet need direction to get to the next level?

Are you already licensed and ordained but desire to have spiritual covering?

Are you desiring for higher Christian education, but just don't have the time or finances to do so?

If you answered yes to one or more of these 3 questions, then email Apostle Rose today at  or Don't put it off! Get started today. She can show you how at a price you can afford and at times convenient for you. Click on the email link and contact her today.

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