KOGFC is all about planting churches, all of which are characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement and mission innovation. We are committed to serving those who want to pursue training for church planting, new church planters who are passionate about multiplication, and established churches looking for new ways to impact their locality for Jesus through the planting of churches.


One of the reasons that many church plants fail is because church planters often feel alone and isolated. They don’t have input: someone from outside who can come alongside to listen, provide counsel, give insight and offer wisdom.

Coaching is a resource that ensures that every member of the KOGFC family has someone on hand to help them think through the issues of church planting and to navigate the problems of planting a gospel centered church in the real world.

At its core, coaching is an intentional and ongoing conversation aimed specifically at equipping and resourcing someone as they plant and pastor. A coach is a person who comes alongside, a fellow church planter who has been there and who “gets” some of the distinctive issues involved in planting.  Apostle Rose White is a Life Coach, Pastoral Counselor, Senior Pastor and Teacher.  Coaching is not just a friendship nor a conversation, but an intentional relationship designed to have a definite starting and a definite end point. There are agreed upon purposes, goals, action steps, follow ups and accountability throughout.

Coaching is an intentional, ongoing conversation aimed at equipping and resourcing you as you plant and pastor

Your coach will aim to listen to your situation and ask good questions in order to help move you forward. This will, in turn, help them know where to focus and how to develop your strategy and the next steps necessary for your development. The coach will then follow up with regular conversations, always seeking to serve you by speaking the truth in love in a direct and sensitive way, remembering that the gospel will be the fulcrum on which every conversation pivots.

We see coaching as an integral part of a healthy global family and one very important aspect of planting healthy, gospel centered churches. Our hope in all of this is that you will glean meaningful insights into church planting in light of the gospel, find motivation to press on in the difficult task of ministry, notice significant turning points and celebrate the gracious providences of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, marriage, family and ministry.


As a family of church-planting churches we are about one thing: church planting. We are in the business of planting healthy churches, which means that we are in the business of watering them as well.

1 Corinthians 3, is the closest we get in the Bible to a church planting manual. This is the passage where the term ‘plant’ is actually used. Paul describes himself as having planted, cf. 1 Cor 3:6. This passage also contains warnings that should make every one of us think twice about going ahead without adequate preparation. We must be alert to the warnings in 1 Cor 3:11-15 of the dire consequences of planting a church that is, what we might call, theologically ill-conceived.

Paul planted by proclaiming the word of the cross (1 Cor 1:18), which is the message of Christ crucified (1 Cor 2:2). It was this message of the cross that was the foundation. All subsequent building work, to grow or establish the church, had to follow the structure laid out by that foundation, cf. 1 Corinthians 3:10-11. Here’s the thing about foundations. They aren’t simply the starting bricks that are laid down and then forgotten or ignored. They set the shape and scale, and take the weight of the subsequent edifice. If a builder builds without reference to the foundations, they effectively build a new and profoundly flimsy structure. Paul’s warning in 1 Cor 3:12-15 is clear: if you want to see your work make it through the judgment fire, build in accordance with the foundation.

This means theological formation is critical to our task, because church planting is a theological enterprise, before it is anything else. For the writers of the New Testament, Christ crucified and risen is both the content and lens of theology. What we know about God, is revealed in and through the gospel. The crucified and risen Christ is not just the ‘basics’ of the gospel; he is the doorway to knowing and being known by God the Father. The call to build with Christ is a call to build with theology as our blueprint and our tool. In stark terms, this means that a theologically untrained church planter, risks lives which are precious to God.

It is for this reason that KOGFC, has always taken theological formation seriously. Church planting has to be driven and shaped by theology. Those who go into it need to be equipped to be able to work from first principles to action. They will need to deal with difficult pastoral situations and complex ethical dilemmas. They need to understand how the gospel connects with culture and devise a coherent gospel-centered strategy.

We are currently developing training resources, using the widely used KOGBCS material along with other tried and tested material. 

Church Planting Residencies (CPR) allow men and women to be equipped to plant a church in the context of an existing healthy church, with an intentional mentor, and the incredible peer relationship benefits of a cohort of men all being trained to do the same.  This will help KOGFC not just further become a diverse, global family of church planters but also the laborers and churches we plant become highly strategic outposts in their building of racially and culturally diverse, Bible Preaching, Disciple Making, City Loving churches.

School of Ministry

In partnership with KOG Bible College and Seminary, KOGFC have established an academy to train church planters and pastors for the United States of America.  

We are set for a soft launch in September 2017 with a curriculum, over 30 students, two part time faculty members and KOGBCS teaching support. We are aiming to offer a full suite of courses, including accredited courses beginning in September 2018.

The academy aims to train planters and gospel workers for America through a combination of distance learning curriculum, in-context seminar day support and short residential teaching programs.

We want this to be a pilot project and discussions have already begun with theological institutions in other parts of the world to construct and launch similar but culturally nuanced projects.



Many parts of the world are experiencing a new wave of gospel expansion. As a network, we are in the midst of a remarkable season of burgeoning diversity. This is no coincidence. “The Christian church was designed from the first to be aggressive. It wasn’t intended to remain stationary at any period, but to advance onward until its boundaries became commensurate with those of the world.” The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ has an unwavering resolve to build his church with people from every corner of the globe: every color, every language, every tribe, and every nation (Revelation 7:9). We must press forward with prayer, purpose and passion until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth like the waters cover the sea  (Habakkuk 2:14).  As we work towards this vision of healthy, gospel-centered, Christ-exalting churches around the world, we will need significant resources. 


What gives KOGFC its distinctive texture is our robust commitment to theological clarity, cultural engagement and mission innovation. If you are an existing church or an individual that shares this vision for church planting, and think we might be able to help you, we would love to connect and see how we can partner together for the fame of the Savior.

KOGFC is a single-issue network. In other words, we are about one thing – church planting. We exist to encourage, resource, facilitate, support and equip churches to plant churches that will plant church-planting churches! We want to be diligent in pursuing God’s call on us, and we also want to be generous in how we engage with other gospel-centered networks so that we can be sure it’s the name of Jesus that’s promoted rather than our logo.

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