9/1/2017 - Prophet Elect Barbara Baker

Thus saith the Lord ,I am ripping the nations apart,I am ripping them apart.
For I have seen the hearts of this people and even as they have purposed to do their own ways,I will allow them to fight against one another,saith the Lord.

Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord for I have pronounced judgement upon this world.
Destruction as far as the eyes can see,saith the Lord.Woe,Woe,saith the Lord,think not that I will wink at the sins of this people any longer. For I am going to judge and destroy all those that have turned their backs on me. I will destroy this people because of their refusal to turn unto me saith the Lord.

Behold, vengeance is in my hand,think not that I am come to show mercy,but I have come to with wrath and destruction saith the Lord. Repent,Repent,for the day of the Lord is at hand,Repent saith the Lord so that you may be saved in that day of my vengeance saith the Lord.

For many will deny that things are so but know that I will show you,saith the Lord,that I am against this people don't my wrath is sure.

Prepare all He people for the hand of the Lord is ready to take vengeance upon them that has rejected and denied me.For I am the Lord that is my name and I will. Is it all them that are called by my name to strengthen them,and will cause them to be light in the mist of great darkness and destruction,saith the Lord.
Be not stubborn or rebellious saith the Lord,Repent,Repent turn around,saith the Lord so that you might be delivered. For I am sending a great evil from the South,and then you will know that I alone am God. 
Prepare Prepare my people saith the Lord of host,for my Words shall not fall to the ground,I will perform it saith the Lord,Repent for the day of the Lord is at hand.


August 17, 2017 - Changes are causing you to become an Agent of Change.  Thank you, Prophetic Psalmist Dr. Sandy Scott Wright for this prophetic sound and word in the Song of the Lord.

May 29, 2017 - Prophet-Elect Barbara Baker

Thus saith the Lord, prepare for destruction is coming upon the land.  Prepare saith the Lord, for I am bringing devastation and destruction such as never before. See, I am warning you.  Take heed and let no man deceive you, for I am coming with vengeance upon the land as far as the eyes can see. You will see My hand against every nation and every tongue,saith the Lord. Tell my people to prepare for the day of vengeance is on the land.  But for those who has been called out and set apart, I will protect and cover.  Know that I will be with you saith the Lord. Prepare My people.  Prepare my people saith the Lord.

The second part..

Thus saith the Lord, I am going to shake the nations by my power. I am the Lord and that is my name.
For the sins of this people have reached the nostrils of my Father, and the world you know will be no more. I am stirring up an up rise saith the Lord. I declare war among the countries, among the nations,saith the Lord. The enemies are aligning themselves together to bring war upon the land, and death and devastation as far as the eyes can see saith the Lord. Prepare ye people, prepare my people, for I am coming with great vengeance saith the Lord.  I have called you and have warned you.  Now take heed and prepare.  Seek my face.  Seek my face and you shall find me. Know that I am with you to keep you. Fear thou not for the things to come saith the Lord.

November 10, 2016

Fear not but know that this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Stand and see the salvation of the Lord. Expect a fresh anointing to fall fresh upon YOU. Receive a newness of life and a revival within you. Anticipate a greater knowledge of God’s Word. Most of all watch for a sharper and keener sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit. Watch the things that you have struggled to get rid of will no longer be a struggle. But those yokes of bondage are now broken. The chains are now loosed. Watch the flow of the word to come forth now in a freer way with a more powerful flow. The true apostolic anointing is being poured out upon the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Ministers, elders and Bishops shall flow apostolically and no longer according to religious rederick. For I am pouring out my Spirit upon all flesh, and those who receive me will move by my power and might saith the Lord, saith the Lord.  
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