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   2017 C2P Conference                  Saturday, January 21st              
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Sweetheart Day                           Tuesday, February 14
The Holy Spirit Course                 Monday's @ 8pm - 9:30pm


Pastor's 8th Ministry Anniversary  Saturday, March 18th
The Holy Spirit Course                  Monday's @ 8pm - 9:30pm


The Holy Spirit Course                   Monday's @ 8pm - Last day April 10th

Board Meeting                                April 1st @ 12 noon


Health and Healing Course             Sunday's beginning May 7th @ 8pm           


Health and Healing Course             Sunday's @ 8pm - Course ends June 25th


Health and Healing Course            Sunday's @ 8 pm

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Practical Prophetic Office Seminar October 13-14, 2017 
Prophets and Apostles Building a Foundation That Remains

There are two kinds of prophets in the Church today. Those that run after one opportunity to the next to stand up front and say their piece, or the second kind who has spent years in the wilderness, waiting for their time of visitation.

It is to this second group that God has called me to raise up and release into their purpose. I know very well what it is like to be stuck in the wilderness and blocked by the hand of God to do anything more but serve! I am also aware what it is like to go through the death, struggle and confusion of what it means to be a prophet.

Being on both sides of the spectrum, there have been times I have been called both “wild and on point” as a prophet.  Today, by the grace of God, I have become an apostle and leader helping other prophets find their way.

Are You a Mighty Warrior?

When the Lord Jesus called us to do His work, He said we would do it by healing His people. He told us we would do it by parenting and training them - hands on. So since 2009 that is exactly what I have done.

Now as the Lord has spoken, I am working more than ever to help His mighty warriors to find their place. The Lord has called you to leadership and with that responsibility, much is required. Are you ready to carry the weight of the Church on your shoulders? Because as a prophet, you are called to bring the Bride into an intimate relationship with Jesus.

If you are working with prophets, are you giving them an environment that helps them fulfill this essential mandate? Whether you are on board with the prophetic move or not, one thing is certain - GOD IS MOVING IN HIS CHURCH! He is calling out the mighty warriors to take their place and to fulfill their purpose.

Now you can stay in the wilderness and miss your time of visitation or you can step forward, in the right spirit this time, and do what God has called you to do.

I, along with our team look forward to meeting you and spending some time in the anointing and the Word as we impart to you, what God has given us.

Some Key Points That You Will Discover: 

  • Truths about being a prophet that you have forgotten about 
  • Mentorship and spiritual parenting have distinct characteristics 
  • A prophet can, and should, have both a mentor and a spiritual parent 
  • Prophetic training does not have to last forever - its time to move on 
  • The prophet’s function is incomplete without the work of an apostle 
  • The work of the apostle cannot be established without the function of the prophet 
  • The prophet is called to build something that will remain 

When put in place correctly, the prophet will establish and propel the Church forward  Receive and realize the key elements that set you apart as a prophet

REGISTER NOW - seats limited to 25 attendees

DAY 1:  Friday, October 13

Time:    10:00 am EST
Session 1 – Parenting the Prophet

Spiritual parenting is key to moving through training fast. Whether you are a spiritual parent or a spiritual child, you need to know how to navigate this relationship correctly. The Lord put relationships into your life for a purpose, so make sure that you take out of them what you were meant to! A fresh look at spiritual parenting and how we, as prophets and apostles can be the image of Christ to the Church.
Speaker:  Apostle Rose M. White-Brown
Time:  7:00 pm EST
Session 2 - The Perfect Partnership - How the Prophet Works with the Apostle
As a prophet working side by side with the apostle, Barbara will lift the veil on the secrets and essentials to working with an apostle.
From the perspective of the prophet, you will get a "behind the scenes" teaching that will help make the partnership God has called you to an anointed success. Learn how vital it is to flow in the spirit as a team and to both have an intimate relationship with the Lord - the secret to team success.
Speaker:  Barbara Baker – Prophet and Associate Pastor

DAY 2:  Saturday, October 14

Time: 10:00am (EST)

Session 3 - Putting the Prophet in Place - How the Apostle Works with the Prophet

Having trained and worked with prophets closely, Rose will outline how to work successfully with the prophet in office. Understand the essentials of putting the prophet in the correct place to ensure that together, you build a foundation that lasts. An essential message for anyone with an apostolic calling. Learn to separate who has a real prophetic call, from other who stand in the way of God's perfect plan. The Lord is leading you into something new - now learn how to navigate it!

Speaker: Apostle Rose M. White-Brown

Time: 7:00pm (EST)

Session 4 - Pitfalls & Pointers for Training Prophets

Barbara will show you just what it will take to help train a prophet to office. If you are a prophet in training yourself, then pay close attention to make sure that the process you are going through right now will lead you to your goal quickly!

Speaker:  Barbara Baker – Prophet and Associate Pastor


  • End of Year Board Meeting         Sat., Dec. 2 @ 11 am
  • Kenya Missions Trip - December 9-15    CANCELLED
  • New Year's Eve Watch Night       Sun., Dec. 31 @ 11pm



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JUNE 2018 - CONFERENCE "A Time of Elevation"

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